ST. LOUIS ( -- Only 40 high school baseball players from across the nation received a phone call that they had been selected to play in the Annual Under Armour All-America Game. Christian Brothers College (CBC) pitcher Christian Little was one of them.

“I was surprised to be honest and kind of blew my mind,” Little said. “I was surprised on the phone I didn't really expect it. I didn't do any trial it just kind of showed up out of the blue.”

Every year they select two underclassmen and this year, at just 16-years-old, Little is one of them. His pitcher coach believes Little's mentality is what separates him from other young athletes.

“I think his attention to detail is unrivaled,” Adam Jahnsen said. “He's not okay with just being the kid that throws hard, he's always constantly working hard to get better.”

Life has changed fast for Little in recent years. He went from no college offers at the age of 13 to being the youngest Vanderbilt baseball commit at the age of 14. Little says it's the training he did off the mound that helped him reach the next level as a pitcher.

“I went from being just an average pitcher to being better because I started training with my trainers,” Little said. “I really wasn't doing much training before then I was just kind of going out and throwing. I was decent, I just threw harder than everyone else. I just wasn't very polished and they helped me polish myself which let me go to Vanderbilt.”

Little’s trainer, Nathan Yamnitz, agrees that improving himself physically benefited him on the mound.

“I don't think there is any 14-year-old kid that worked as hard as he did that year,” Yamnitz said. “That what took him from being a kid in St. Louis, Missouri that no one knew to Christian Little.”

Little is ready to show that not only is he the best pitcher in his class, but also in the country.

“I like to show the older guys just because I'm an underclassmen doesn't mean I'm a push over and that I can still get them out and I can dominate no matter what age.”

Little will be featured in the 2019 Under Armour All-America Baseball Game Monday, July 22. First pitch will be at 2:00 p.m. CT and will air on the MLB Network.

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