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ST. LOUIS ( -- Some healthcare workers in Missouri are saying enough is enough. Those on the front lines are begging their employers and the state to do something.

Many of those healthcare workers in St. Louis hospitals say even their bosses aren't listening. Their cries for help are getting louder, forcing them to lean on Missouri's governor.  

Lenny Jones is the vice president of a healthcare workers union and says medical professionals in Missouri are left unprotected on the frontlines of COVID-19 every day.

“They are facing shortages of face masks, gloves, sanitizer and other safety equipment,” Jones said.

Caprice Nevels works at SLU Hospital and she is one of the workers asking for help during this scary time.

"They have not measured workers for masks recommended by the CDC. Some of our members don't have access to googles and non-sterile gloves,” Nevels said.

"This cannot continue. The virus is here and every moment we do not act we are wasting time and putting more lives at risk,” Jones said. 

A SLU Hospital spokesperson refuted the statement, saying, "All employees with patient contact at SLU Hospital are properly mask fitted for PPEs. Also, it is not true that hospital employees do not have access to goggles and non-sterile gloves."

Union leadership claims it has tried talking with employers, but none are responsive to those working at ground zero.

But SLU Hospital leadership refutes that claim as well, telling News 4 that is untrue. 

"Both labors unions- the NNOC and the SEIU- have been on calls with representatives of SLU Hospital about COVID-19," officials said in a statement. 

The union has a list of demands and is asking Governor Parson to step in and help.

Some of the demands, include employer-paid healthcare for coronavirus testing and treatment, 15 days of paid sick leave, hazardous pay and childcare and transportation assistance.

"These steps are crucial to ensuring the health and safety of all Missouri residents and will allow our workforce to focus on the tasks at hand of stopping COVID-19," Jones defended.

Union representatives sent a letter this morning to Governor Parson this morning. News 4 reached out to the governor for a comment and we’re still waiting to hear back.

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