SPANISH LAKE ( - Melissa McKinnes says she wants police to continue investigating her son’s death.

“He was not suicidal at all, at all,” said McKinnes.

Melissa McKinnes son

Danye Jones

Police ruled Danye Jones’ death a suicide after McKinnes found him hanging from a tree in their backyard with bruises on his face on October 17. She said the 24-year-old wasn’t depressed and was in the process of starting his own real estate business.

“He was in good spirits,” said McKinnes.

She said she believes there’s more to this story.

“What it appears to be to us is that somebody took my son,” said McKinnes.

McKinnes, a prominent Ferguson activist, told News 4 she thinks her family is being targeted. In the last two months they’ve been getting death threats through social media and those threats recently showed up at her doorstep.

“They watch my house and when my husband and my son would approach the car they would drive off,” said McKinnes.

News 4 asked McKinnes how she could link those threats to her involvement in Ferguson but she would not go into those details at the time. She also said she never reported these threats to police.

“Because we felt like we had this, you know,” said Mckinnes.

The St. Louis County Coroner’s Office said Jones’ autopsy won’t be ready for weeks and they wouldn’t release any preliminary reports. Police said they are still investigating this case as a suicide.

“Saying that he committed suicide, no you’re going to respect him,” said McKinnes.

Both Jones’ family and police did tell News 4 there was a chair near his body.

However, family members told News 4 the sheets used to hang him did not come from his house and the knots used to tie the sheets were advanced. They don’t believe Jones would have been capable of making those knots.

News 4 pressed the family on specifics about the threats they’ve been getting. The family says they plan on releasing those details Thursday to the public at a press conference.

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