MEMPHIS, TN. (CNN/WHBQ) ---  Surveillance video shows the moment a naked man broke into a Memphis home.

And that's not all the man is accused of.

Officers say he walked around that neighborhood naked with a shotgun, breaking several car windows and even hit neighbors with the gun.

"Butt naked! Didn't have on a stitch of clothes," said neighbor Willie Coleman.

Coleman is laughing now but Sunday afternoon he was scared when he says he saw his neighbor Warren Huggins walking down the street naked with a shotgun.

"I said there has to be something wrong with him he has to be on some type of dope drugs or something," he continued.

Coleman says he's never talked to Huggins before but decided to back off when Huggins started hitting his truck window with a brick.

"He came around here and he took another brick. There's the brick right there, throw it through here and took my air conditioning and push it all the way through it," the neighbor said.

It didn't stop there.

Surveillance video shows Huggins banging on a family's back door then lying on the ground naked.

Huggins eventually broke in and scared children who were eating their breakfast.

"He was trying to hit my husband and he was yelling at him give me your phone and my husband was trying to call 911 too because we were really scared," said the female homeowner. "He's a big guy he's really tall and big."

The woman, who did not want to be identified, says her husband managed to lure Huggins out.

But police say that didn't stop him from vandalizing other houses and hitting neighbors on the head with his shotgun.

"It's just really scary because we have kids here and we didn't know if he was on drugs or what he was going to do to us," she added.

Police eventually arrested Huggins.

Neighbors are thankful no one was seriously injured -- but are still curious about what caused Huggins to go off.

"Since I been staying over here that man hadn't said two words to me. I don't know, I guess he just flipped the coop," said Coleman.

Huggins is charged with aggravated assault, vandalism and other charges.

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