Have you been bitten by a dog in St. Louis County? We want to know

A News 4 producer was recently bitten by a dog while trying to get answers for viewers. (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- A News 4 producer was recently bitten by a dog while trying to get answers from a contractor accused of taking huge deposits from homeowners and not doing any work.

While News 4’s Chris Nagus knocked on the door, a dog came around the corner of the house and attacked the producer, biting him twice.

After seeing medical attention, News 4 reported the animal bite to St. Louis Animal Control. Thursday, May 17, marks the 10th consecutive day St. Louis Animal Control has been out to the home in an attempt to quarantine the animal and investigate for possible rabies.

The homeowner has failed to cooperate with officers and will not answer the door when they come to check on the dog. That non-compliance with the law in St. Louis County forced our producer to begin a rabies vaccine treatment, as medical authorities warned that if they could not 100 percent rule out rabies, the best course of action was the begin the round of shots of the rabies vaccine.

According to the ordinances in St. Louis County, a dog is considered “dangerous” if it bites a person three times in the same 12-month period. That could lead to the dog being impounded by St. Louis County Animal Control.

According to records requested by News 4 earlier this year before the incident with our producer, St. Louis County Animal Control has impounded more than 600 dogs in the past three years.

Have you been bitten by an animal in St. Louis County? Did you report the incident to St. Louis County Animal Control? What happened to the animal? Email us at investigates@kmov.com

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