(CBS NEWS) -- A series of shocking Facebook posts appeared four years ago on the shared account of Dee Dee Blanchard and her thought-to-be ill daughter Gypsy Rose. The Facebook page is still up, despite offering a chilling look into what was later revealed to be a totally fake life — and the last status is about Dee Dee Blanchard's murder.

The page, titled Dee Gyp Blancharde, is easily searchable and still features a smiling photo of Gypsy Rose as its profile picture. The last post that comes up is a stark contrast to the girl's sweet photo: "That b**** is dead," it reads. The other update posted from the account regarding the murder appears to have since been deleted.

The post has followers' panic-stricken comments still on full display. "WHAT?!!! Did your FB get hacked? I have never heard you talk like that," writes one person. While another woman wrote, "Should someone notify the local police??? This sounds scary."

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The posts did spark a reaction from neighbors and law enforcement, and the subsequent discovery of Dee Dee's murdered body — as well as the web of secrets the seemingly dedicated mother kept — within their little pink Springfield, Missouri, house. 

Gypsy had been believed to be confined to a wheelchair because of muscular dystrophy. But she could "walk without assistance or wheelchair and she can do that very well," Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott said at a news conference shortly after her and then-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn's arrest in June 2015. She was not ill, either, had nothing wrong with her muscles, and her head had been shaved for her entire life to make her appear ill, according to a 2016 BuzzFeed News report.

She was not disabled, it appeared, but allegedly part of a fraud scheme her mother had been perpetrating for years. "Things are not always as they appear," Arnott said in the press conference. 

Dee Gyp Blancharde FB Still

Godejohn told police he stabbed Dee Dee Blanchard to death at Gypsy's instruction, using a knife she gave him, according to court documents. Gypsy Blanchard told police she hid in the bathroom as her mother was murdered and later helped Godejohn clean up blood with baby wipes, according to court documents.

Police said Gypsy posted the messages from her boyfriend's home in Wisconsin, leading officials there.

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