Guns are seen as a necessity by many on the streets of St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS ( - After reporting on several kids committing crimes with guns, News 4 investigated how accessible guns are on the streets of St. Louis.

Adrian Robinson, 33, is a traveling salesman, but used to live a violent lifestyle on the streets of St. Louis. He said getting a gun is as easy as getting a library card.

"It's too easy to get your hands on a gun it's just way too easy and it's not going to stop anytime soon," said Peterson.

Guns are part of a culture, and Robinson said some people just do not know any better.

"It's a lifestyle that we live and we're infatuated with the lifestyle and it just so happens that the guns come with that lifestyle, so there's a lot more behind it," said Robinson.

Community activists have said carrying a gun is more common than people realize. James Clark, of Better Family Life, said kids have more guns than wallets these days.

When asked why some people feel the need to carry an illegal gun with them at all time, Robinson said, "It's a sense of power, you're able to bring fear to someone and it can be mistaken for a form of respect."

Robinson said when he grew up guns were used more as a means of protection. In 2016, he said, they are being used to solve problems.

"A lot of people wouldn't understand it because they never lived in that culture, they never grew up in those neighborhoods," said Robinson.

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