JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. ( -- Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has been hit with more than $178,000 in fines, despite a Missouri Ethics Commission investigation finding he was unaware of the violations underlying the fines. 

The Commission found Greitens himself committed no wrongdoing. 

A document filed Thursday details two violations committed by campaign committees affiliated with the former governor, stemming from several years ago. The investigation was launched in July of 2018, after then-state Representative Jay Barnes turned over findings of House Committee investigation.

The Missouri Ethics Commission looked only at alleged campaign violations. Charges filed in 2018 against Greitens related to his extramarital affair, which were later dismissed, were not subject to this review. 


Then-Governor Eric Greitens makes a public appearance in the Carnahan Memorial Garden next to the governor's mansion to talk about funding for farmers involved in the biodiesel industry.

Greitens' team today lauded the Ethic Commission's findings, saying he was fully exonerated from campaign law violations. 

"Our contention from the beginning was that the accusations against Mr. Greitens were baseless," said Catherine Hanaway, an attorney representing Greitens. She also ran against him in the gubernatorial primary and is named several times in the Commission's Consent Order. 

Hanaway described the violations as "relatively minor," and said other campaigns have had similar violations. 

The former governor went further, posting on Facebook that the charges against him were "false" and designed to "overturn your votes, because we're fighting for you."

Greitens also says, "Some of the people who made up false charges against me have now been charged with seven felonies for what they did: they lied under oath and they tampered with evidence."

The Commission found that the campaign committees did not properly disclose in-kind campaign contributions, but said that they had found no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Greitens, individually, and no evidence that Greitens knew of the two reporting violations. 

As a part of the order, Greitens is entitled to pay $38,000 and have the rest of the fine waived. 

Greitens' full statement can be found here.

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