Great White Sharks in the Mississippi? Expert says its fake news

Despite what's been going around social media, Great White Sharks have not made their way up the Mississippi River to St. Louis. Credit; KMOV

It's a social media post that caught our newsroom's attention: A picture of two shark fins and a shocking claim, two great white sharks made it from the Gulf of Mexico up the Mississippi to St. Louis.

The post claims the Missouri Department of Conservation is investigating, so investigative Reporter Chris Nagus went to find out if there's any possible truth to the post.

Dan Zarlenga with the department says Missouri has "plenty of catfish right there those are common in Missouri" but no sharks, adding thr post is BOGUS!

Why? Because great white sharks need salt water.

"They are not a fish out of water but they are a fish out of their water, it’s not something you would likely see" said Zarlenga.

He confirms nobody from the Conservation Department has been called and nobody is investigating.

But where did the picture come from?

A reverse image search reveals the picture is from off the coast of Costa Rica, not St. Louis.

This same claim is being circulated in Iowa, also naming that states Conservation Department.

Zarlenga says this claim is "BOGUS FAKE NEWS!"

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