Kansas family says mail carrier ran over their 10-year-old black lab; USPS investigating

The United States Postal Service is instigating what happened as the black Labrador retriever recovers.

DOUGLASS, KS (CNN) -- A Kansas family says their dog is in a lot of pain after a mail carrier hit him with her car.

The United States Postal Service is instigating what happened as the black Labrador retriever recovers.

Warning: the video you will see shows the dog getting hit, and it is graphic.

They are sounds and images the Howertons say they will never forget.

Their black lab 'Blue' had been hit by the mail carrier's vehicle Thursday morning, and any help he had, drove off.

"I could've never left a dog like that. I would've felt horrible,” Shannon Howerton said.

It was hours later that the family discovered he was injured. They say it was anyone's guess what happened.

"His ear on his hip. We thought maybe he got into a dog fight,” Howerton said.

Until they reached the vet.

"She said it definitely looked like he had been hit by a car,” Howerton said.

The couple says they then checked the home surveillance footage and that's when they saw the hit and what happened before the mail carrier left.

"He got in her car and she just continued to yell at him making him more fearful,” Howerton said.

The Howertons quickly filed a police report and contacted the post office to file a complaint.

The USPS said these actions are not consistent and don't represent the values of the Postal Service and there is an investigation underway.

The Howertons say they understand carriers can be worried about animals, but her actions don't suggest she was scared.

"I know you still can have concerns. Some people are just afraid of dogs, but i don't think she was afraid of the dog,”said the Howertons. 

The Howertons say they have about $600 in vet bills but that given what happened they shouldn't have to pay. They also want the carrier to be fired.

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