GRANITE CITY, Ill. ( - The mayor of Granite City is saying the flash flooding from Monday turned the town into a disaster. In addition to damage to property, the water delayed the first day of school in the town.

About 6,000 students and their families are affected by the delay in the first day of school, most of which is caused by damage to Granite City High School.

Because of logistics, scheduling, and bus routes, superintendent James Greenwald said it was in everyone's best interest to cancel classes district-wide.

The first day of school was moved to Monday so crews had time to clean up the damage, but Friday district officials said school would be canceled on Aug. 19 but for reasons other than flooding. Ceiling were renovated in more than two dozen classrooms after a ceiling collapsed earlier in the summer.

Greenwald said EPA testing still needs to done on the rooms.

“By no means do we want to put any children, teachers, or staff members in harm's way,” he said. “It was best if [crews] had the entire rest of the week to work. They feel that Monday we will be ready to go.”

A couple miles away from the high school, Amy Miller said she's having to throw away everything that was in her basement.

She has a high-school-aged son and said school being delayed actually helps her situation.

“We are still in the process of tearing out our basement and draining our basement, so it actually helped us because if it starts on Monday it gives us more time to get the house back together for when he starts school,” she said.

Howard said her home was flooded with backed-up sewage and they're now staying about an hour away.

“We'll be getting up a lot earlier because the only place we have to live for showers and stuff is Keyesport in our camper,” she said.

Parents will get updates by robocall and email as the clean up progresses and the district assesses the situation.

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