Generopolis - Kiefer Winegrad

Parker Winegrad arranges toys on a small desk that he no longer plays with. The toys will be sold for a good cause.

ST. LOUIS ( -- Getting rid of stuff can be hard.

"If it's something you've played with for a long time, then you probably want to keep it," Kiefer Winegrad said.

That goes for kids and parents.

"I look at this [Woody doll] and he's got my boy's names on his boots," Meghan Winegrad reminisced.

However, the weight of parting ways, can be made easier knowing you're making a difference. 

"When you know the money is going to a good charity you feel better," Parker Winegrad told News 4.

Meghan Winegrad is the founder of Generopolis. It's an online marketplace where you can buy or sell your extra stuff, with a twist.

"Instead of pocketing the cash, you pick or favorite non-profit to receive the proceeds," Winegrad said. 

The idea started in her home, by doing a routine clean out with her sons, Parker and Kiefer. As a family, they'd get rid of unused stuff then post the items online and donate the money to charity. Now, Winegrad is bridging the gap and making it easier to get the money to organizations in need.

"It's something we do here in St. Louis and all across the nation, the act of selling used goods, now Generopolis is a way to make it really turnkey so they can support charity." 

This month the Winegrad's cleaned out a basement closet and the money will go to Pedal The Cause an organization helping someone close to them.

"My friends mom has gone through breast cancer and this is my way of showing her I'm proud of her," Kiefer said.

But your cleaning can help any charity you pick and Winegrad says with the spirit of St. Louis, she knows Generopolis can make an impact here. 

"Whether you're cleaning out for spring, or raising money for your walk team, or your charity run, you can use Generopolis in so many different ways," Winegrad said. 

So, if you don't have stuff to get rid of but maybe have a skill or a talent, you can also sell that for a good cause.

For example, if you're good with yard work, donate your time toward spring planting and rather than getting paid in cash-- the payment could go to charity.               

Anything you post on Generopolis' website gets a unique link, making it easy to share on social media, as well.

To check it all out and get involved,  click here.

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