WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Temporary layoffs are coming to the General Motors (GM) plant in Wentzville due to fallout from COVID-19, the company said on Sunday.

In a statement, GM said it believes only running two shifts will accommodate workers who are not reporting to work due to COVID-19 worries and allow for greater efficiency.

The reduction of a full shift would mean 1,250 workers from third shift would be temporarily idled, but the company has not said how many workers will be affected.

The layoffs will begin on July 27, a week later from the initial date. GM says it hopes to have all of the employees back at the Wentzville plant "as soon as possible."

The full statement from GM is below:

"We believe, in the short term, a two shift operating plan will allow us to operate as efficiently as possible and accommodate team members who are not reporting to work due to concerns about COVID-19 in the community.

People on our team should not be concerned about coming to work. GM-Wentzville is following multi-layered safety protocols that are working very well to keep people safe by reducing the possibility that COVID-19 can enter the plant and preventing any spread within the plant.

The same in plant protocols can help keep people safe when they're not at work. We encourage everyone to follow them - especially social distancing and wearing masks when they're in groups.

We are working on a staffing plan that will allow us to return to three production shifts as soon as possible."

GM added that strong demand for mid-size trucks warrants keeping jobs for workers on three shifts.

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