ST. LOUIS ( -- With more people out of work and working from home, gas prices are going down. But some News 4 viewers are asking why they aren’t even cheaper.

According to AAA the average price around St. Louis is $1.92 a gallon. That’s 35 cents cheaper than a month ago. But you can expect those prices to fall even more.

Maybe you have noticed traffic is lighter than normal. A Petroleum Analyst with Gas Buddy says it’s driving down fuel prices.

At the moment, St. Louis prices seem similar to some coastal locations. In Boston, it’s $1.99 a gallon, and $1.94 in Orlando. Closer to home a $1.99 in Des Moines, and $1.79 in Kansas City – that looks better than our average. But there are some cheap spots in St louis like a $1.78 off Gravois in Afton. But why isn’t it coming down faster?

"A lot of people feel if there's bad news it’s quick to shoot up, but when the demand drops, it's not as quick to go down. What we have seen is wholesale gas prices have been plummeting every day, gas stations sitting on gas they bought at a price before they pass along decrease. They are trying to sell at a bit higher price because they paid for the last purchase price of gasoline," said Patrick De Haan, an analyst with GasBuddy.

De Haan said cheaper fuel is coming. In Missouri; the cheapest spot is Joplin where prices are 1.19. In Illinois, it's $1.18 at a Sams Club in Rockford. If you head south to Kentucky, a place called Chuckles is advertising a $1.12. We might not get that cheap, but it will drop.

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