ST. LOUIS ( -- St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner says she did nothing wrong during the criminal prosecution of Governor Eric Greitens last year.

She spoke out for the first time since a private investigator she hired to work on the case was indicted last month.

“I steadfastly maintain that I did not do anything unethical or illegal. That's what I said, I am going to say it time and time again. I know you guys are not going to report it,” she said. “We are going to hold people accountable even when its not popular to the media, I guess.”

Gardner press conference

Surrounded by African American community leaders and other supporters, Circuit Attorney Gardner said the cases against former Governor Greitens last year were handled just like any other in her office. Supporters say she is being targeted because she's a black female.

But last month, William Tisaby, a private investigator hired to work Greitens' invasion of privacy case, was charged with six counts of perjury and one count of tampering with evidence, related to his work on the case.

The grand jury says Tisaby lied under oath at various times in a deposition.

Tisaby's attorney has denied the allegations.

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But the indictment also says Gardner failed to correct Tisaby's lies, did not report them to the police and made inaccurate statements to the courts.

Before ending Thursday’s meeting in a prayer, Gardner said she would not answer specific questions about the case and said it was time to move on.

“Now we have to stop spending our time and limited resources looking at one case as if it’s the only measure of competence and success. The true measure is how we handle the 10,000 criminal cases referred to our office annually,” she said.

But the special prosecutor, Gerard Carmody, released a statement Thursday saying the grand jury's term had to expire by law. He says the investigation into Gardner's office and possible criminal activity will continue.

One thing that's unclear is how much this will all cost. Gardner said she couldn't speak to that, but said the half dozen attorneys working to defend her and the office should get paid.

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