ST. CHARLES COUNTY ( - Cities in St. Charles County are scrambling to figure out a new plan for residential recycling before theirs runs out next month.

Cities such as O’Fallon, Wentzville and Lake Saint Louis are in talks about what to do in order to keep recycling available for their residents.

“We have been notified by Meridian, no more recyclables by November 1,” said Paul Markworth, City Administrator for Lake Saint. Louis.

That’s because Resource Manager has announced in recent months that they will no longer accept curbside recycling. One reason is because China is no longer taking plastic recyclables from the United States.

Lake Saint Louis, Wentzville and O’Fallon all use what’s called single stream recycling. Everything goes into one container, but that will likely change.

The cities are all in talks with St. Peters, which has its own recycling facility.

“Trying to figure out how many cities we can take on is a great question but it’s really early in the process and just like everything else, we have a limited amount of capacity,” said Lisa Bedian, a spokesperson with the city of St. Peters.

St. Peters uses dual-stream recycling. Residents have to separate their paper products from their containers such as plastic and aluminum.

Markworth says working with St. Peters would likely require changes to the way Lake Saint Louis residents are used to doing things.

No one could say what kind of cost increase, if any, this would have on residents but those are details that are still being worked out.

The city of O’Fallon said they also looked at Republic, which would be another option but said that would like be too expensive.

All the representatives of the cities said meetings were being held in the coming weeks to try to figure out a next step.

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