Frustrated homeowners contact News 4 for help

By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Imagine your home is only 6 years old and it's already facing some major problems.

A group of homeowners says they tried getting satisfaction from the builder - but couldn't - so they called News 4 for help.
"I'm not asking for anything, just to have my home built the way I paid for it" says Scott Konieczka.
Konieczka and his neighbors Mike Marty and Steve Barrett all have damage due to roof problems.
All three live in the Plum Hill subdivision in St. Claire County and all of them want McBride and Son to fix the problems.
They say portions of their roofs were constructed without the proper water barrier.
According to the St. Clair county building inspector, water barriers were required when the homes were built.
In a statement McBride said they always build to code, and at the time these homes were constructed, felt was an option.
"We weren't given the option to purchase tar paper, it wasn't like it was made clear to us, if you don't have tar paper you might have options" said Marty.
After water came through the ceiling at Steve Barrett's home, he called his own contractor.
“One whole back corner of the roof on the backside had not been applied to code those are the words given to us by the foreman" said Barrett.
According to the St. Clair county building inspector, homes are inspected during the construction process, but they can't be on sight to watch every nail and every shingle as the home is built.
The homeowners had warranties, but those are now expired.
When Scott Konieczka called News 4, he said he was getting nowhere with McBride.
So News 4's Chris Nagus called McBride and the CEO insisted they would make the situation right.
Almost immediately McBride sent a crew to Koniecka's home to replace the portion of the roof that wasn't installed properly.
News 4 was also told McBride will work with Marty and Barrett to resolve their roofing problems.
McBride points out these homeowners bought Vantage Homes, a company that was affiliated with McBride, but no longer exists.
News 4 wants to stress McBride says they always build to code - and that in the case of Scott Konieczka, water barrier was ordered when his home was built.
But since there was evidence that a small portion of the roof was built improperly, they are fixing it along with any related damage.
John Eilerman Jr, the CEO and Chairman of McBride and Son also wanted to tell us that "For 65 years McBride & Son has built homes by the applicable local municipal or county code. Every home is inspected by a municipal or county inspector. If felt was the code at the time we would have complied. Today felt is code and we install it. At the time these homes were built it was an option."

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