CHESTERFIELD, Mo. ( -- A fight to get a West County couple's dog back that took off on social media came to a happy ending Friday. 

Bobette Everhart-Boal’s body was found in the parking lot of Baxter Crossing Apartments on December 8th. Police suspect her husband, Michael Boal, shot and killed Everhart-Boal before he was found dead in a house fire in Wildwood.

Their doberman, Stanley, was found in a car outside the Wildwood home and handed over to St. Louis County Animal Care and Control Center. 

Bobette's friends told News 4 they stopped by the shelter asking about Stanley on behalf of the couple's children and was told because they are not family that staff members could not share any information with them about the dog. 

“It was nothing but hostile, cruel, completely unprofessional and just heartless," said Heather Budwell, one of Bobette's close friends. 

Budwell said several more attempts were made to locate Stanley, but all were unsuccessful. 

Stanley's breeder, Bob Hallahan, told News 4 St. Louis County Animal Care and Control Center called last week and asked him to pick up Stanley because his name is on the microchip.

Hallahan said the family's grief counselor told him no one was available to take the dog, so he planned to take care of Stanley until he could find him a new home. Hallahan said he had no problem giving the dog to the couple's family as long as he was provided a good home. 

Bobette's friends said they are more frustrated with the shelter for passing Stanley off to the breeder so quickly without consulting the family. They worked with an attorney to send a six-page letter to St. Louis County Animal Care and Control Center asking that the dog be returned. 

St. Louis County sent News 4 a statement that reads:

“We take this issue seriously and we are actively looking into it. An audit earlier this year of the Animal Care and Control Center identified several concerns that had been ignored for years and we are working diligently to implement those recommendations.”

The friends said they will do whatever it takes to get Stanley back to the couple's family. 

“I want her to rest in peace knowing we did everything possible for him.”said Danelle Hinrichs, a close friend of Bobette's. 

Budwell contacted News 4 Friday evening saying the breeder has agreed to give the couple's family Stanley. 

The hope is that the couple's family will be reunited with the dog shortly after Christmas. 

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