ST. LOUIS ( -- There are growing concerns about police officers leaving one department while under scrutiny and getting hired by another. 

News 4 has learned former St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) officers Christopher Tanner and Ellis Brown are now working for the St. Ann Police Department.

Former SLMPD officer Milton Green is suing Tanner for shooting him in 2017 in North City. Green, while off-duty, claims he was mistaken for a suspect and shot in the arm by Tanner even though he said he had already interacted with other officers at the scene who knew he worked for the police department.

Brown was also under fire during his time with St. Louis City police for falsifying search warrants.

Green's attorney, Javad Khazaeli, told News 4 their hiring in St. Ann points to a bigger problem often referred to as the 'muni shuffle.'

"We've seen consistently officers who are bad actors instead of getting fired and disciplined and having their law enforcement licenses taken away that they are allowed to resign and take jobs with other police departments," said Khazaeli. "It's very concerning."

St. Ann police chief Aaron Jimenez told News 4 both officers resigned from St. Louis City police. Brown was hired by St. Ann about four years ago and has been promoted to a sergeant. Tanner was hired earlier this year and his been promoted to a detective. 

"They have been incredible policemen. I don't regret for one moment hiring them," said Jimenez. 

Jimenez said both officers went through a thorough background check and the St. Ann civilian review board signed off on their hire. Jimenez said had the officers been fired or had criminal charges pending, it would have been a different story. 

Khalaeli believes there needs to be a better system of checks and balances. 

"There's no database out there, nobody tracks why officers leave and if they resign they can often start a new job with a totally clean slate," said Khazaeli. 

News 4 reached out to St. Louis City Police for Brown and Tanner's personnel information and is waiting to hear back. 

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