ST. LOUIS ( -- A former St. Louis police officer was sentenced to 13 months in prison for accepting bribes in exchange for police reports.

According to court documents, 52-year-old Marlon Caldwell was involved in a scheme with a local chiropractor and his wife to obtain unredacted accident reports and provide them so the couple could identify possible patients.

Dr. Mitchell Davis owned and operated Davis Chiropractic Clinic from 2007 to 2016 (it is now known as City Health and Chiropractic).

Davis’ clinic provided services to accident victims, and his wife Galina helped him identify, solicit and schedule those potential victims as patients, according to court records.

The SLMPD does not provide un-redacted accident reports to anyone but the people involved in the accidents, and the companies and lawyers representing them.

Unredacted accident reports contain detailed information, including addresses, telephone numbers, birthdates, and insurance information of the occupants of the vehicles.

In order to obtain that information and identify possible patients, Davis and his wife recruited and paid several SLMPD officers to get them the unredacted reports.

Using the information, Galina Davis reportedly contacted accident victims using a number of aliases and offered them free services at the clinic. The couple reportedly focused on victims from low-income neighborhoods, believing them to be more likely to accept their offer.

The couple would reportedly get money through insurance settlements for the patients. According to court documents, Davis routinely pressured victims to overstate their pain level and if they resisted, would sometimes enter higher pain levels than what they reported in their records.

He would also reportedly recommend nearly two dozen treatments, as the clinic’s share of the insurance settlement depended on the number of services provided.

Davis’ clinic reportedly earned more than $1.5 million in insurance payouts.

All of this was possible because of their access to unredacted reports, which the couple reportedly obtained through four SLMPD officers.

In addition to Caldwell, authorities say Cauncenet Brown, Mark Taylor, and Terri Owens all took bribes and secretly accessed department computers to provide the reports to Davis.

In December Caldwell pleaded guilty to his role. He was sentenced to a year and a month in prison. Taylor also pleaded guilty and is set for sentencing in April.

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