Trash overflow in Florissant

Trash cans on a Florissant street overflow with garbage. Residents said Meridian Waste hadn't been picking up their trash, despite the better service claimed by customers in other areas.

FLORISSANT, Mo. ( -- Florissant resident Mike Doyle spent Saturday morning picking up litter on Central Parkway in Florissant, including bags which came from one of his neighbors trash cans.

“The trash has been sitting here since Thursday night, Friday morning,” Doyle said.

And by Sunday morning, Central Parkway and Liberty Drive still had full trash cans, some fuller than others.

“It's right after Christmas, the holidays, so if you look down the street there's one can bursting at the seams and this one here … I mean they need to be emptied,” Doyle said.

News 4 first told you about issues with Meridian Waste pickups just after Thanksgiving.

Trash from residences weren’t being picked up in areas such as Manchester, St. Charles, South County, Troy and Florissant.

On Friday News 4 followed up with the complaints in these areas.

County leaders and Florissant Mayor Tom Schneider said overall complaints are down.

“We have fewer service calls,” Schneider said.”Not zero. But they are way down.”

But residents this weekend were disappointed they were some of the few still having issues.

“I thought I need to let you guys know that it's still going on,” Doyle said.

News 4 called Meridian but their offices are closed on Sundays. These two blocks of Florissant residents will have to stay patient until Monday.

“Thank god it's the middle of winter and not the middle of summer because after awhile you know … trash begins to stink,” Doyle said.

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