MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - An 11-week-old puppy had to be rescued by firefighters after her head got stuck in a cinder block wall.

"Maybe the diameter of a jar, like a standard mason jar. Not super big, but it was shaped like a diamond, so she was able to get her head through, but then it got stuck," said Shaunda Diaz, Nova's owner. "I wonder if she chased a rabbit because that's the hole they go through to get out of our yard."

stuck pup

Nova was able to get her head through, but then it got stuck.

[WATCH: Emergency crews save puppy stuck in wall in Mesa]

Diaz adopted Nova just three weeks ago.

Diaz explained that she and her husband tried to get the puppy out of the wall on their own, but after realizing how tight the space was on her neck, they felt calling the fire department was their best bet.

"Four-person crew, we're really a bunch of problem solvers," said Capt. Andy Forst with Mesa Fire and Medical. "This truck behind me is a giant toolbox, has all the tools on it for fires, for heart attacks, for strokes, for car accidents and even dog rescues."

stuck pup

It only took a few minutes for Nova to be free once again.

Capt. Forst has been a firefighter for the last 20 years and has been to his fair share of animal rescues.

"I've been on a couple different dog rescues, duck rescues of all things, had to cut a cone off a potbelly pig once," he said.

Forst and his crew arrived within minutes and quickly got to work while keeping Nova calm.

"We actually took one section out further away from her to give us a little more room to work with and to actually kind of practice how much force it would take, minimal force it would take to break the concrete block. One of our members jumped across the fence, actually stuck his hand between the block and the tools we use, and we used very minimal force not to hurt the dog or [his] hand," Forst explained.

stuck pup

Shaunda Diaz adopted Nova just three weeks ago.

It only took a few minutes for Nova to be free once again.

"Happy dog, happy crew. We're certainly happy to assist, and it was a great outcome," said Forst.


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