Bridgeton landfill fire

BRIDGETON, Mo. ( - A fire which broke out at the Bridgeton Landfill on Friday afternoon was extinguished.

Firefighters extinguished the infrastructure fire that broke out around 5:30 p.m. at the site, officials say.

In a release, the Pattonville Fire District said the fire broke out in the Bridgeport Landfill and not the West Lake Land fill, which is where the radioactive waste is located. The fire stayed at least a thousand feet from any radioactive material.
The fire district said the landfill fire did involve landfill infrastructure and it was being fed by landfill gases due to the failure of the involved infrastructure. 
The fire district emphasized the importance of the surrounding community's safety and said fire crews were monitoring the air for any hazardous substances that might have gone airborne when the fire broke out before they worked to put it out. It said no substances out of the ordinary fumes produced by the fire were detected. 
As flames from the landfill fire shot to the surface from the burning fire below, resident Karen Nickel remained concerned about what's going on. 

"We've been fighting this issue, now, for six years. We have people who live just a half-mile from this site, right over the hill," said Nickel. 

Nickel is an advocate with Just Moms STL, a group fighting to remove the radioactive remnants in the nearby West Lake Landfill. 

"I don't want to take any chances. When we got here, the wind was blowing in different directions and we didn't smell anything," Nickel said. " Now it seems the wind is kind of moving around a little bit and and we getting strong odors." 

The St. Louis County Office of Emergency Management stated the fire was not located near radioactive material and no contaminates are being released.

Assistant Chief Matt LaVancy says the blaze was a tough one to battle. 

"After hitting it, with a lot of water and foam, we were not able to extinguish it. It appears at the time, from my belief, it was a gas-fed fire from the gases generated from the landfill underneath," said LaVancy.

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A spokesperson from Republic Services stated the landfill team advises the "surrounding community there could be a potential for off-site odor while site systems are inspected and repaired."

No one was injured during the incident.

Nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project was illegally dumped at the nearby West Lake Landfill in the 1970s.

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