Fenton woman thinks ingredient found in popular dog food killed her dog

Gravy Train Wet Dog Food. Credit: KMOV

A Fenton woman believes an ingredient in a popular wet dog food product allegedly caused her dog’s death.

Rossie Judd says she first started noticing Baby, her miniature Schnauzer’s, health deteriorate in October after giving her Gravy Train wet dog food and other dog treats made by Big Heart Pet Brands, a company owned by Smucker’s.

“Dizziness and vomiting,” said Judd. “She was dropping weight so fast and I was like, ‘oh my god’.”

She contacted Smucker’s with concerns about the product.

They mailed her a letter thanking her for contacting her with a coupon attached.

“I was appalled,” she said.

She took Baby to a vet but says by then it was too late.

“She (the vet) couldn’t figure out because the chemicals were all over the place,” said Judd, “and she said 'quite possibly she might have been poisoned.”

Baby died just two months later.

Now, after a recent report from a DC news station, she thinks it was an ingredient in the dog food that caused Baby’s death.

The report featured concerns from another pet owner regarding the product.

The station tested the product out themselves and according to their report, they found Pentobarbital, a legal drug commonly used to euthanize animals in 9 out of 15 cans tested.

“I lost a friend,” said Judd. “I lost a friend and I’ll never forgive myself that I was a part of the cause of it, that I didn’t educate myself about this.”

News 4 contacted Smucker’s regarding the report and Judd’s concerns but haven’t heard back.

Gravy Train issued a statement on their website saying:“Since learning of this information, we have launched and are conducting a thorough investigation, including working closely with our suppliers and veterinarians, to determine the accuracy of the claims included in this news outlet’s investigation and the testing methodology used.We are confident in the safety of our products. Should additional actions be required, we will communicate that quickly to consumers and to our retail partners.We will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of your pets in the same way we would our own. Above all, we are a company that loves pets and understands the responsibility we have in providing high quality food for the pets you love.”A representative from the FDA tells News 4 they are now reviewing the station’s results.

Judd hopes the company takes Baby’s story more seriously.

“Take responsibility,” she said. “Pull the stuff off the shelf.”

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