FENTON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Firefighters at the Fenton Fire District are responding to a unique call of fatherhood all at the same.

The department posted on their Facebook page they have added eight babies to their Fenton Fire District family within less than ten months.

The dads and babies recently posed for a photo shoot by JHerin Photography.

Fenton Fire Protection District welcomes 8 babies to their family - babies

“It’s a tough job that we signed up to do but being able to see something as special as all our children come together, our fire truck being used for something happy, we love and that kind of recharges us, refreshes us for what we do day to day,” said Fenton Firefighter Paramedic Steven Clark.

All the dads, moms and the four boys and four girls got to meet each other for the first time when the photos were taken in mid-September.

Word started spreading among the department last year that many couples were expecting among the 64 people who work at the department.

“Everyone was saying ‘hey I’m having a kid’ and then the next ‘oh me too’ and then it just kind of snowballed from there,” Joe Kaltenbach recalled. “Then there’s eight of us and the next thing you know we’re having a picture in front of the big red truck.”

Fenton Fire Protection District welcomes 8 babies to their family - dads

The firefighters are looking forward to all the adventures that are ahead and they are excited to share the experience together.

“Part of being a group of people who are raising their kids together, you can kind of talk to each other and all these kids can kind of grow up together and be friends,” Jake Nichols said.

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