Fate of Uber in the hands of St. Louis County judge

Uber (Credit: AP)

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) - The legal battle between Uber and the St. Louis Taxi Commission is in the hands of a St. Louis County judge.

A decision could some as soon as October 17, which could put a stop to Uber in the area. It was scheduled for October 5, but it was delayed. "You typically get more help from the Uber driver it is more spontaneous, you don't have to wait as long," said Robyn Wallen, Uber rider.

Robyn Wallen is legally blind. She said Uber helps her keep her independence and allows her the ability to get around even with her disability.

"Uber is a lot less expensive, the drivers are nicer; more helpful. The drivers don't get mad at you when you take a short trip to the grocery store," said Wallen.

Wallen said her independence is threatened again.

"Transportation is independent and when you take away a choice like that, then you've taken away everything," said Wallen.

The St. Louis Taxi Cab Commission and Uber-X were back in the court room on October 4. The commission wants Uber-X drivers to have background checks and be fingerprinted, like their drivers.

"We follow the rules, we follow the law, we have to pay, why should we as the drivers have to be treated differently," said Daniel Howard, taxi driver.

While the legal battle plays out in the courtroom, Wallen fears her way to get from point A to point B could soon be a thing of the past.

"We say it would be going back in the dark ages. If anybody who thinks it is not, try going a week without your car and you can see what it is like," said Wallen.

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