Farmington officer says prosecutor pushed him off force over Facebook post

(Credit: KMOV)

FARMINGTON, Mo. ( -- A local police officer says his post on Facebook forced him off the force.

What's more, he says it’s the local prosecuting attorney who went on the attack.

Ryan Miller was an officer in Farmington, a city in St. Francois County. He says he stepped away after a year-long struggle with a prosecutor who didn't like his Facebook page.

"It was a big burden to bear because I had worked so hard for so long," he said.

Miller spent eight years in law enforcement, but it all started to unravel a year ago when, on his Facebook page, he made a comment about a St. Francois County case where a man accused of trying to run down a woman with a car got a plea deal of probation

"Being rather sarcastic, I said, ‘Well I guess that's not a big deal, it's a good thing he didn't get caught with drugs in his pocket because he'd spend the rest of his life in prison,’” he said. “Was is it an off color comment? I didn't think so."

Prosecuting Attorney Jerrod Mahurn apparently did.

"That was the start of it. I backtracked further through his Facebook posting and found things concerning. What I would not consider consistent with a professional law enforcement officer," Mahurn said.

Miller disagrees, saying there were no other postings. But he says attacks on his credibility kept coming.

"Effectively he was making me useless to the police department," Miller said of Mahurn.

But Mahurn says Miller is looking to shift the blame away from himself.

"He would like to blame somebody. I become an easy target because I'm a political figure; obviously, I do have a contested election going on."

Miller says it’s simpler than that. He said this all boils down to a Facebook post someone took the wrong way.

"I have my own personal opinions because I'm human like anyone else," he said.

Miller says he's now done with law enforcement, free to express his opinions on Facebook, and moving to Springfield, Missouri with a new job.

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