ST. LOUIS ( -- Tami Lane and Tara Richardson are still numb. They still remember getting phone calls on October 11 telling them their family member – 21-year old Taylor Lane – was dead.

She was killed along with her boyfriend, 32-year old Nathan Dieckmann, on Pennsylvania Avenue. No arrests have been made.

2 dead in south St. Louis shooting identified

“[Taylor’s friend] told me she was shot and I asked if she was dead and she said yes. Her and Nate both,” Taylor’s mother, Tami, said.

Lane was packing to go out of town when she got that dreaded phone call.

“I woke up from a nap to a phone call (from my mom) and she said I need you to come to Taylor’s. I think she’s been shot,” Taylor’s sister, Tara Richardson, added.

It’s something that still haunts them two weeks later. Police are not telling them anything. They have no idea where police are in their investigation and are getting frustrated.

They have also heard a lot of theories as to what happened to Taylor.

“I’ve heard a million stories. I’ve heard a million stories. Lots of different things have been said,” Lane said.

Dieckmann was a mixed martial arts fighter while Lane showed dogs all across the country. It was something she loved to do ever since she was a little girl. Her plan was to show dogs for the rest of her life.

“If I didn’t want to show one she’d show it for me and vice versa. We worked well together,” Richardson said.

“Taylor loved everybody. She never met a stranger (she didn’t like). She never judged anybody. She was just a great kid,” Lane said.

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