CLAYTON, Mo. ( – The family of a man who was shot and killed by a Richmond Heights police officer near the Galleria is demanding answers, and say they do not believe the official account of what happened.

Officials say Terry Tillman, 23, of South City had a gun raised when a police officer shot him on August 31.

READ: Police: Tillman had his 'firearm raised' when officer shot him dead near the Galleria

Police say an officer and security approached Tillman inside the Galleria after he went inside the mall with a gun. Guns are not allowed inside the Galleria. He then ran to a bank parking lot across the street, police say, before he raised a gun at an officer. The officer then fired three to five shots, police say, killing Tillman.

Police say the officer shot Tillman in the front, adding that the autopsy showed Tillman was not shot in the back. Officers say they recovered Tillman’s loaded gun at scene.

Friday, Tillman’s family held a press conference in which they laid out a list of demands.

“We want the truth, we are giving you a time limit. We are giving you all one week. I ain’t going to tell you all what, I’m just going to say or else,” said Tillman’s sister Rachael Jones.

Relatives are also demanding officials release the name, rank and picture of the officers involved and a copy of all video evidence.

“Do you have proof or evidence of a different narrative?” Jones said. “Let’s let them tell, we are asking them to speak their truth. We don’t want a narrative, we want to see the videos, we want to see the proof.”

Police say there are 158 surveillance cameras around the Galleria that they are reviewing as part of the investigation, but that video has not been released. St. Louis County police are investigating.

A spokesman for Richmond Heights police was not available for comment. St. Louis Prosecutor Wesley Bell’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

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