ST. LOUIS ( -- As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, hospitals have responded by canceling all elective procedures and limiting visitors for patients inside hospitals in order to mitigate the risk of the virus spreading.

But the restrictions on visitations didn't stop one local family from making sure their loved one felt cared for.

Their act of love happened right outside of Barnes Jewish Hospital, where rules are in place limiting patients to one guest.

“The best way to get through this is to reach out and stay connected and show love,” said Jen McArthur, whose grandma Jackie Caruso is in her second round of chemotherapy to treat leukemia.

Caruso can only be visited by her husband currently, and the family understands why the restrictions matter.

“We’ve all been terrified, because her immune system is extremely compromised. So any infection could be very dangerous for her,” said Julie Haines.

So to get around the restrictions limiting visitors, the family stood outside and held up signs Caruso could see from her ninth floor room, reminding her they are there to support her.

“We wanted her to feel our love even from a distance, even if we couldn’t be in the room with her,” McArthur said.

“I want her to know that she is one of the most important grandmothers in the world and that she has a fighting chance,” said Jackson Haines.

Caruso felt the love, staring down at the signs through tears.

“Today was the first day that she had tears and they were tears of joy,” said McArthur.

And chances are many others inside the hospital also saw the signs and got the message.

“If this makes other people joy or relief during this time when everyone feels such fear, then we are happy to spread that joy,” said Julie Haines.

The family is hoping Caruso will be able to go home next Wednesday.

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