ST. LOUIS ( -- You might have seen video circling social media showing a man pulling a driver from a burning car along I-70 in north St. Louis County.

News 4 was there as the rescuer met the family of the man he saved.

Despite explosions around him, Antonio Morgan hopped out of his car to help the person inside a burning car on I-70 near Lucas and Hunt.

“Just immediately rushed to what I know, trying to get him out of the car as fast as I can,” Morgan said, describing those intense moments.

Morgan struggled to get the man out before he realized he was buckled in the seat.

“I am pulling. He’s not coming. I saw his seat belt. The smoke was right there in my face. I unhooked his seat belt and pulled him out,” Morgan said.

The video shows another man use a fire extinguisher to help stop the flames.

“Those flames started right after the smoke. It was hot,” Morgan described. “The bust went boom. You heard something blow, something under the hood.”

Kielen Robinson, 23, sat inside the fiery car.

“That last pull I was out of energy,” Morgan said. “I was rushing. My adrenaline was rushing, man.”

Morgan managed to finally pull Robinson out and you see Morgan hug the man with the fire extinguisher.

Robinson’s mom, Kim Johnson, got a call and saw the video about 15 minutes after it happened.

“When I saw the video I just broke out in tears,” Johnson said. “So many emotions.”

Johnson met her son’s rescuer about two hours later.

“If he would not have been persistent and stuck on that my son would be dead right now and I would be planning a funeral,” Johnson said. "My guardian angel saved my baby. This man, hallelujah, thank you, Jesus."

It was Morgan’s 14-year-old son, Antonio Morgan II, who recorded the video of the rescue.

“I was proud of my dad but at the same time I was wondering if the dude was going to be straight,” Antonio Morgan II said.

Robinson is recovering and his mom said she can’t wait to introduce him to an extended family member, Morgan.

“If it was not for this man being persistent, going back and forth to the car and not giving up, my nephew would not be here today,” Christy Johnson said. “He is definitely part of our family now.”

Robinson’s family said he is not badly hurt, and he’s set to celebrate his 24th birthday on August 10.

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