Family devastated after woman murdered by boyfriend over a $36 TV

Joann Goode and her granddaughter Noelle remember Loreal Goode. (Credit: KMOV)

A woman's family is devastated after police say her alleged boyfriend killed her over a 36 dollar TV.

Noel Goode said she was riding in the car with her mother, Loreal Goode, and her mom's boyfriend, Brian Clay.

"I didn't see it coming at all,” said Goode. “I just wish it never happened."

Noelle Goode said the couple had been arguing because Clay wanted 36 dollars to purchase a TV from a pawn shop.

"They always argued over little stuff like that, but I never thought she'd lose her life over $36 dollars," said Noele Goode.

The teen said Clay told her mom to pull over at the Family Dollar on West Florissant Road in Jennings.

Noelle Goode said as soon as they parked in the store's lot, Clay pulled out a gun and pointed it at her mom.

“I was just begging him not to do it and he just kept saying ‘Noelle get out,’ " said Noelle Goode.

Noelle Goode said Clay shot and killed her mom before stealing the 32-year-old's cell phone, bank card and car.

“He pulled my mom out of the car and left her laying there," Noelle Goode said.

Joann Goode is Loreal Goode's mother. She was the first person Noelle called after witnessing her mother's murder.

"My heart is crushed, my daughter did not deserve to die like that," Joann Goode said.

Joann said she's not just hurt over her daughter's death, but also because her granddaughter will carry what she saw with her wherever she goes.

"I didn't get to see what she went through, and I wish that I was the one that had to come to her to tell her about her mom," Joann Goode said.

Goode's family has an online fundraiser to help cover funeral costs.

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