ST. LOUIS ( -- Absentee and mail-in voting started this week in Missouri and candidates are wasting no time running television ads as they expect more early mail-in voting this year.

One of the top races in the country you are seeing ads for in our area is the race for Congressional House District 2 in Missouri as Democratic challenger Jill Schupp takes on incumbent Republican Ann Wagner.

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One the latest ads Wagner is running against Schupp uses the words of Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, against her.

The ad begins with the lines, "Have you seen Jill Schupp's radical Medicare For All plan? Schupp sponsored it twice."

It's true Schupp co-sponsored bills dealing with Medicare For All during her time in the Missouri General Assembly in 2011 and 2012, but those were not Medicare For All bills for Missouri, they were concurrent resolutions that urged Congress to enact the Improved and Expanded Medicare for All Act.

Neither of those bills made it out of committee in Jefferson City.

It was never Schupp's plan, so that's misleading.

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The ad goes on to state, "Even Joe Biden opposes it"

It then runs a clip of Biden saying, "Medicare For All is absolutely preposterous. It will eliminate employer-based insurance. You should not have Washington dictating to you, you cannot keep the plan you have."

This is misleading as those were remarks made by Former Vice President Joe Biden, but they were not dealing with a plan from eight years ago. Those comments came during the Democratic Presidential Debates earlier this year as he opposed the Medicare For All plan proposed by Democratic rival Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The ad goes on to state, "What would Schupp's plan cost us?"

It then runs a clip of Biden saying, "It costs $30 trillion. It's going to raise taxes on middle class people"

Again, those comments came during Biden's fight with Sanders and not about any bill sponsored by Schupp.

To be clear, while Schupp has supported measures for progressive healthcare reform, she has only ever served in the Missouri General Assembly and has never served in Congress where a Medicare For All bill would have to come from.

Last week during a virtual town hall, Schupp clarified her position saying, "I want to make it clear, I support a public option. I think it will be a good resource for some people but I do not support Medicare For All."

For context, these types of ads using Medicare For All and the words of Biden in the presidential debates are now popping up across the country, including a congressional race in New York and Nebraska.

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