ST. LOUIS ( -- Multiple St. Louis women say a stranger took over their Facebook accounts, leaving them with no way to regain control of their posts and memories.

"I've been on Facebook for 14 years," Keely Giles of Swansea said.  It was especially frustrating for Giles when she discovered a hacker took over her page on April 1. "By the time I was logging in, it was a done deal. The hacker had gotten in and changed my email, changed the phone number, changed the password."

Giles isn't alone.

Kim Schoenborn of O'Fallon, Missouri has been dealing with the same issue since February.

"The email that was in there was not my email," Schoenborn said. Hackers locked both women out of their accounts, leading both women to realize just how many photos and memories were in jeopardy.

"In the last 14 years we have gone from two to four kids. We became foster parents, adopted. We had a surprise pregnancy and all of that has been documented on my Facebook page," Giles said. Both women say they were surprised to discover reaching a live person at Facebook wasn't possible.

"You can't contact Facebook. It's a circle, there's no person to call, no phone number, no customer service whatsoever."

Both women say they followed Facebook's online guidance for regaining control of their accounts, but it wasn't successful.

The women were asked to enter a six digit code from a code generator, but Giles and Schoenborn both said that six-digit code was emailed directly to the hackers that took over their pages.

Since the emails attached to both accounts were changed by an unknown party, neither women received the necessary email.

"I've been in circles trying to get that and don't get anywhere," said Schoenborn.

News 4 reached out to a Facebook media relations representative for answers. A spokesperson asked for the original email tied to each woman's account, along with a new secure email never associated with the Facebook account.

After receiving an email from Facebook on their new email accounts Giles was able to regain control of her page.

Schoenborn followed the same steps, and received a notification saying "reviewing your information may take longer than usual." News 4 continues to work with Schoenborn to get the issue resolved.

Both women have been frustrated with the process, and hope Facebook will consider new steps to help those who are locked out of their accounts.

"The whole time I was hoping to get a person," Giles said. "If I could get a person to help because the system isn't set up to help someone who is completely shut out of their account."

If you want to bolster security measures on your account you can log on, and click on settings and privacy. After that you can click on privacy check up, then click on how to keep your account secure. It will rate your password and set up two factor authentication allowing you to receive text messages. That step will let you know if someone is trying to hack into your account, and give you an opportunity to stop them before you run into a similar situation as Giles and Schoenborn.

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