Experts: The winter blues are real

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If the cold weather is bringing on the winter blues in your world, you’re not alone.

Doctors say Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D. is very real. It is a feeling of sadness or depression and it starts to increase in mid-January.

“In mid-January, it starts to really kick in. You can’t get out of bed, fatigued, bored, eating more than I need to be eating. Those are the typical signs we’re seeing, lots of irritability,” said Dr. Herbert Villaflores with SSM DePaul Hospital.

Joyce Steele and Sarah Carlson both work in DePaul’s cardiology department. Both say they notice a change in attitude among their colleagues during cold weather.

S.A.D is diagnosed more often in woman than men. It is found more frequently in younger adults versus older adults, and the further away you live from the equator, the more likely you are to be affected by it.

“In Florida, around one percent will suffer from it. Go to the New England states, say New Hampshire, and it’s around 10 percent up there,” said Villaflores.

Villaflores says there are ways to beat the winter blues.

“Expose yourself to more sunlight, being close to windows. Take a 30-minute daily walk outside if weather allows,” said Villaflores.

If you are felling too low, the advice is to see a doctor.

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