EUREKA, Mo. ( -- Several states across the country are taking action to relax liquor laws to help struggling businesses. Missouri is among a number of states that has not made a change. 

Ricardo Castrillo owns Hola! Mexican Food in Eureka. Despite no one being allowed to sit inside, the phone is still ringing regularly. 

“The community has been unreal, unreal with us,” said Castrillo. "We have customers that call almost everyday to get to-go orders."

Even with the uptick in to-go orders, sales are still down. 

“Alcohol sales are huge to us, especially with the margaritas," said Castrillo. "You go to a Mexican restaurant, you want to have a margarita, so that was definitely a big loss for us not being able to sell margaritas."

Eureka's mayor, Sean Flower, signed an executive order Monday allowing businesses with a liquor license to sell it with curbside, to-go, and delivery orders. 

“It’s not like it was just me. I looked it up," said Flower. "A bunch of different places … there are a lot of places that are making an adjustment."

States including Texas, New Hampshire, Virginia, Illinois, and New Hampshire have all loosened liquor laws. Flower hopes Missouri is added to the list soon. 

“I truly hope the governor does it and I think it would be really helpful," said Flower. “Instead of spending tax money, all we have to do is get out of the way on this one.”

Under Flower's executive order, every customer must be ID'ed. Drinks must be sealed shut with tape.

"They tape the lid shut so it shows it’s not an open container and we said that specifically, no open containers. You still can’t drive under the influence," said Flower. 

Castrillo said he is thankful for Flower's order, though knows under state and St. Louis County law, it is not allowed. 

“I think that every single city should follow and they should do it and hopefully the governor of Missouri could sign something to allow all of us to do it," said Castrillo. 

When News 4 asked St. Louis County about the Eureka mayor's executive order, a spokesperson for the county executive said: 

"No comment. Folks need to keep the welfare of their workers and the public in mind during this critical time."

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