Elizabeth Snyder heading to Washington to hear President Trump speak

Elizabeth Snyder. Credit: KMOV

It has been more than three months since St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder was shot and killed in the line of duty.

His widow said she said she is doing to her best to move forward. Elizabeth Snyder said, "We're just starting a different kind of life now it's been a little bit difficult, but at the same time good because we're still putting our best foot forward and trying to find a good equal in our lives." After months of mourning, Snyder is starting to find her footing. She sold her house in Edwardsville and moved to Missouri to be closer to family. "I didn't stay there one night after this happened because that's excruciating for me," said Snyder.She says her son Malachi is so much like his father. The two-year old is all smiles. Snyder said, "He still recognizes his pictures, all of his stuff, he still says ‘daddy daddy,’ but it’s not like he's asking for him anymore."

While that's difficult, Snyder says she still has so much to hold on to.

"I cling on to his personality his sweetness because that's just what Blake was like." It will never be enough to fill the void in their hearts, but Snyder says it helps her move on. "It's not something that you can get over. I don't think it will ever be somethingI can get over. I think it will always be with me but I can learn to live a new life, a different life than what it was," said Snyder. Social Media

Elizabeth has turned to social media to help her heal.

"I realized could reach a lot of people," said Snyder. It reaches hundreds of thousands of people. So Elizabeth started using it more. "It's a good healing outlet. Some people journal, some people diary, and all that kind of stuff and some people blog. I happen to use videos on Facebook to talk to my friends and family who support me and it’s helped," said Snyder. Snyder posts updates every few weeks. She shares cute videos of Malachi, even her strong political opinions. It's a powerful platform and she knows it. "I think it's very important to give law enforcement a voice and if I can be that voice because of such a tragic situation, I’ll use it. I’m not afraid to do it , I’m not afraid to put my opinion out there," said Snyder. Snyder says the support has been overwhelming, but there's always going to be backlash."I've had a little bit of backlash saying I shouldn't grieve on camera or I shouldn't post anything on Facebook. Well, if that's your way of grieving great, but it's not mine, and if I can use this for a better good I will," said Snyder.

She says she doesn't need the negativity, so she continues to focus on the positive."I always go back afterwards and read all the comments. It's just so uplifting and it's sweet for the most part so that's what keeps me going because so many people want to hear what I have to say," said Snyder.

Video Project

Snyder has drummed up a lot of support on social media and is now using that platform to share a project she's working on for her family. "It's not something that you can get over I don't think it will ever be something I can get over," said Snyder. She's learning to live with her husband's death, and part of that is honoring his life. Last month, she turned to Facebook to talk about a new project. "We're pretty happy about what we're going to be doing here," said Snyder, in her Facebook Live post. Snyder is working with a freelance journalist to put together a seven minute movie, documenting Blake's life. "Hopefully this little short film will be eye opening to several people and show the life that Blake had before this happened," said Snyder. The goal is to help humanize the men and women behind the badge. Snyder said, "I'm hoping it gives them some insight into a life of an officer. That they're not a robot, they're human, they have families they have lives." It will never be enough to fill the void in their hearts, but Snyder says it's one way to keep Blake's memory alive. "I can't wait to show it to Malachi one day, that will be a big deal. He's going to have so much to look at and see and to go through. but this will be particularly important to me for him," said Snyder. She's hoping to start filming in the next month. If you're interested in contributing, you can do so here. Copyright 2017 KMOV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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