Elementary student honored for saving man’s life

A Dewey Elementary student was honored for his bravery for noticing a house on fire through his classroom window. (Credit: KMOV)

An elementary student was honored at the "Do the Right Thing of Greater St. Louis" ceremony on Wednesday for saving a man's life.

"We were sitting and having a morning meeting and he jumped up and started yelling about smoke coming out of the roof," said Jenise Bisher, Dylan's teacher.

On the morning of Feb. 6, Dylan Robinson of Dewey Elementary in St. Louis spotted a fire across the street through a classroom window.

“I told Ms. Pritcher we need to call the fire department,” said Dylan.

Dylan's teacher said he loves firefighters and talks about them and the fire department every day.

“Due to Dylan’s quick reaction, a man’s life was saved and the house was not completely destroyed. Dylan has a deep respect for firefighters and talks about them every day,” said Bisher.

While Dylan’s remains a little shy about the honor, he said his classmates congratulated him as he arrived back at school after the ceremony.

“Super excited for him and very proud of all the kids, for all the kids that could have done this he was just a really special one,” said Bisher.

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