One man's service to his country, along with a viral Facebook post, is driving people nationwide into St. Louis just to give thanks.

Phillip Rochette, a Marine, is on life support at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Doctors are still treating the Marine, but his family is preparing to say their final goodbyes.

Rochette had a massive stroke that's left him debilitated. It's hard for his sister, Denise, to see him like this.

"He loved kids, dogs, people, God and never left the Marines. Like he left, but never left," said Denise Rochette.

A Marine in Virgnia learned about Rochette's problems and posted on Facebook to call on Marines everywhere to visit St. Louis before Rochette dies.

The attention the post has gotten serves as a reminder that Marines don't leave fellow Marines behind.

Staff Sergeant Manuel Silva, who serves in St. Louis, wasted no time.

"Just seeing him lay there, lifeless or motionless, made me sad and almost, I won't lie, tear up," said Sgt. Silva.

Corporal Ruben Matais also visited.

"Because it's espirit de corps and the pride of belonging. I wanted to make sure he was taken care of and everything was okay," said Corporal Matais.

Curtis Waggoner drove across Missouri to honor his fellow Marine.

"I may not know him personally, but he's always my brother," said Waggoner.

Rochette turns 50 on Thursday. More than anything, Denise Rochette wishes her brother could understand what's going on.

A GoFundMe account has been created to help with Rochette's funeral expenses.

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