Erick Libimbi and Alex Glay

Erick Libimbi, right, and Alex J. Glay, left, are charged with the death of 14-year-old Nasir Smith in Boone County.

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP/KMOV) -- A 14-year-old was shot dead during a drug-deal dispute on Tuesday in Columbia, police said.

Police identified the victim as Nasir Smith of Columbia. 

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports Smith contacted Alex Glay, 20, in hopes to purchase marijuana. Glay told smith he does not deal drugs anymore but invited him to his apartment to smoke some.

Police say Glay acted like the middle man and arranged for Smith to buy marijuana from his friend, Erick Libimbi, 20.

While Smith and three of his friends were at Glay’s apartment, one of the three unidentified males pulled his firearm in suspicion of the drug deal.

Libimbi got hit and was later taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Libimbi fired back as Smith and the three males ran outside the apartment.

Glay and Libimbi waited a bit, then stepped outside and found Smith dead, police say.

Police found two firearms hidden in the grass in front of the apartment. Libimbi confessed one of the guns was his. Police also found marijuana, bullets and shell casings in Glay’s apartment.

Both Glay and Libimbi were charged with second-degree murder. They are held in Boone County Jail without bond.

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