Dramatic video shows man trapped in his car as semi pushes it down I-55

Credit: Sanel Pilipovic

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Police are investigating after a motorist shot video of a semi truck pushing a car down Interstate 55 Monday.

In the video, a car can be seen turned sideways in front of the semi, smoke coming from the wheels as the truck shoved it down the roadway.

"This was really serious. He did not stop for at least half a mile,” said Sanel Pilipovic, who shot the video. “I mean he could have killed the guy."

Police said the car was merging from eastbound I-44 to southbound I-55 and the semi merged from I-70 to southbound I-55 at the same time. As the vehicles merged, the semi and car collided, causing the car to be pinned to the front of the truck.

After several hundred yards, the truck eventually pushed the car onto the exit ramp at Arsenal and drove off.

Pilipovic was returning home from Chicago, and pulled over to help.

"I kind of pulled over, right away, to make sure he was okay. That was my main concern to make sure the guy in the car was okay."

The driver of the car was shaken, and was so shell-shocked he wouldn't’t get out of the car.

"I started yelling at the guy to get out of the car. I thought the car was going to catch fire. All four tires were flat, the car was messed up from every side. I mean everything was totaled,” Pilipovic said. “He looked scared. I knew he was scared and stuff because of what happened. I know he did not know what was going on. I am sure he was lost.”

Emergency crews eventually helped the driver. News 4 reached out to him, but he said he could not talk about the incident at the time.

According to both Pilipovic and officers with the St. Louis Police Department, the truck driver said he had no idea the car was pinned by his truck.

News 4 spoke with truck drivers to find out how this could happen and they told us this doesn't come as a surprise.

Long haul truck driver Gabriel Arellal said, "The reality of it is, we're sitting so high up, they think okay we'll be able to see everything but once they get in too close we can't."

Because the truck driver probably couldn't see the car, Arellal said he didn't know what was causing his truck to drive slowly until the car came loose as the truck exited at Arsenal Street.

Police determined neither driver was at fault and no citations were issued.

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