ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( – Action has been taken against the head of the St. Louis County Health Department after he made an inappropriate gesture toward a County Council crowd back in July.

A statement from a security officer and surveillance video raises questions surrounding claims from St. Louis County Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan that he was physically pushed and had racial slurs shouted at him during a contentious county council meeting last week.

During Tuesday’s County Council meeting, County Executive Dr. Sam Page revealed Dr. Faisal Khan was verbally reprimanded after losing his cool and flipping off several people during a heated meeting over reinstating the mask mandate.

“It is well established that Dr. Khan was treated poorly and felt unsafe,” Page said. “I did verbally reprimand Dr. Khan for the gesture he used out of fear and frustration.”

Surveillance video obtained by News 4 shows him lifting his arm and giving the middle finger.

"Regrettably, I let my composure slip momentarily as somebody got in my face and yelled something, and I flipped them the finger, so to speak," Khan said in August. "I was jostled, I was heckled, I was taunted. I had racist abuses directed at me and I do not care to repeat them."

News 4 does not have clear video of Dr. Khan leaving the council chambers, during which he said in a letter he was shoulder bumped and pushed. Video from the lobby shows the moments afterwards, but there is no audio. In a letter, Khan claims outside the chambers, he was surrounded by an angry mob in close quarters and was called explicit racial slurs.

Councilman Tim Fitch pressed Page on Khan's statement made in a letter sent to the council, apologizing for his actions. However, the county executive declined to address the concerns citing it was a personal matter.

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