CAHOKIA ( - A Domino’s driver who was called to vacant Cahokia house for a delivery where he was beaten and carjacked says he shaken by what happened.

Three juvenile suspects ordered a pizza from a vacant house on January 3. When Michael Fair arrived with their order, they beat him and carjacked him.

People who know Fair will say he hasn’t been himself since the incident.

“I used to tell everyone when stuff like this happens, I never understand why they can’t shake it out, now I know,” said Fair.

He says he’s looking at everyone differently since the carjacking.

“I can’t have fun doing anything. I can’t get interested in anything. I try to find stuff to do but I can’t,” he can’t.

The husband and father was happily working when he found himself in an unusual spot for the first time.

“I remember just standing there and going ‘Is this really happening?’ I was just like ‘Wow.’ I could not believe it,” he said.

He recalls one suspect having a fake rifle, one hitting him with a bucket and the other punching him. Fair made it to his car and fought to keep it.

“They pushed me out of the car, put it in reverse and were pulling out. The door was still open, it was coming over me like this. They did not care if they were going to run me over or not,” said Fair.

The suspects eventually wrecked his 2012 Chevy Malibu in a police chase.

Fair said he is hurting in more ways than one.

“My car is wrecked. My insurance is going to pay only half of what I owe on it because of what it is worth. It is a 2012 Malibu, is only worth $7,000 and I owe $12,000. So now, I and she have to share a car,” Fair said.

For safety reasons, Fair says from now on, drivers will call customers and if there is no answer, they will leave.

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