(CBS News) -- Wag and Rover, nicknamed the "Uber for dogs" and "dog bnb," offer on-demand dog walking and dog sitting services through your phone. The popular apps have made it easier than ever to find someone to walk and watch your pets, but a growing number of reports of dogs being mistreated are raising new questions about how well these apps screen their walkers and sitters.

Colleen Nolan blames Rover for the death of her dog. Nolan told CBS News' Chip Reid she built her life around her 12-year-old Japanese chin named Mooshu, adopted at eight weeks old. When a work trip came up last year, Nolan said she was worried about leaving him, Mooshu was not just old, he was blind.

"He was the one dog that was meant for me," Nolan said. "I wanted to make sure that he was comfortable in his surroundings. That he stayed in the home. So I reached out to Rover to try to find a sitter."

Rover and Wag advertise "rigorous screening" and "background checks." Nolan says she chose a Rover sitter who had badges on her profile for working with senior and special needs dogs. Nolan said she gave the sitter specific instructions: Mooshu was to be taken out of the house only for short walks. Those instructions, she later learned when she got an emergency text from the sitter, were ignored.

"I called her and I said 'what happened?' And she said Moosh fell off my porch," Nolan said. "I said, 'What do you mean 'your porch?'" 

According to Nolan, the sitter then told her that Mooshu had fallen two stories. Rover, she said, offered to cover half of the expenses following Mooshu's death including vet bills, cremation and the cost of a new dog, totaling $2,600, but with one condition: sign a strict confidentiality agreement. Nolan says she "never called them back."

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