Dog attacked by a coyote in Swansea neighborhood

Coco, the 12-year-old poodle, recovers after the attack. (Credit: Alison Cyphers)

A Swansea family watched its 12-year old poodle get attacked by a coyote over the weekend in the front yard. Coco was outside going to the bathroom at 10:15 p.m. when Alison Cyphers heard a shriek.

“I run out there and the coyote has him in his house,” she said.

At first Cyphers thought it was a wolf because the coyote was so big. She scared off the animal and took her dog to the veterinarian where he received stitches and tubing inside of him.

“Come to find out there have been coyotes running around in the neighborhood. I didn’t know that,” Cyphers said.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources didn’t have any other specific reports of coyote attacks in the Swansea area, but does say this is common this time of year. Coyotes have less food available during the winter and see small pets as food or as a threat to their food.

Cyphers says she learned a valuable lesson, something she wants to relay to anyone with a small pet.

“Hopefully if you have a small pet you keep them on a leash,” she said. “Even if it’s 10:30 at night, three in the morning. Put them on a leash.”

The Illinois DNR also says on its website coyotes are rarely a threat to attack humans but they will kill livestock, poultry and domestic pets. They also will populate all sorts of places, including urban and suburban areas.

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