We are getting a look at exactly what former St. Louis Metropolitan police officer Jason Stockley says happened during a 2011 officer-involved shooting, in his own words.

Investigative Reporter Lauren Trager obtained confidential documents from the investigation from a source that wants to remain anonymous.

The two statements are very similar in their account of what happened. In fact, sometimes the paragraph and sentence structures of the two statements are near mirror images of one another.

Still, they give an inside perspective of what the officers claim happened that rainy December day in 2011.

In dash camera video, you can see Stockley exiting the car at the scene of a suspected drug deal with his personal AK-47 and then you can see a car coming toward him.

But his statement to a homicide detective, dated the very same day, talks about something that happened right before that we can't see on the video.

Stockley and his partner claim that a man in a Buick struck their police car, not once, but twice.

Both officers claim to see the driver display a handgun in the Buick.

As you can see on the video, the officers chase the Buick after it takes off. They strike a tree and keep going.

In the video, one of the officers is heard saying “hit him.”

In their statements, both officers say that the white car lost control, spun in a complete circle, and came to rest and that the officers had to swerve to avoid a red truck and that's why they hit the vehicle.

Both officers say that when they approached, they saw the driver reaching for something in the car's center console, both say they feared for their safety.

That’s when Stockley shot the driver multiple times, killing Anthony Lamar Smith.

In the video, Stockley is seen putting away his AK 47 and digging through a bag in the police car.

In his statement, Stockley says he was grabbing his own personal medical equipment to try to render aid.

Stockley says he found a gun in smith's car and touched it to render it safe. Prosecutors have said Stockley's is the only DNA on the gun.

Ultimately it will be up to a jury to determine if what happened in this case was a justified police shooting or murder.

The last time citizens did that in the City of St. Louis was 15 years ago, and in that death, they found the officer not guilty.

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