CREVE COUER, Mo. ( - Dr. Tiffany Osborn said she’s taking an extreme precaution to keep her family protected from COVID-19.

Doctor lives in trailer

“We decided the best course of action was for me to isolate myself from them once I started working in the emergency department,” said Dr. Osborn.

She, like many St. Louis doctors, is on the front line combating COVID-19.

“I work in both groups, the emergency department and the ICU on a regular basis," she said.

The Washington University doctor and her husband decided to shift money planned for a home extension toward buying a camper.

“So our extension is now the camper that I’m living in,” Osborn said.

She said when she gets home from work, she goes directly to her camper to clean and sanitize before coming outside to sit on the camper steps to speak to her family.

News 4 has learned that local hospitals are stepping in to keep medical professional families safe from COVID-19.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is working to offer alternative housing for healthcare workers. SLU Hospital is offering housing in one of their dorms for medical professionals to rest and recuperate after a long day.

“It was one of those things where we don’t have enough information to feel completely safe and we just want to make sure the family was protected,” Osborn said.

News 4 Reporter

Ashli Lincoln is a general assignment reporter for News 4 St. Louis

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