ST. LOUIS ( -- A man said the shooting inside the Walmart in Ferguson over the weekend was the most frightening moment of his life. 

Adrian Hill, his pregnant wife and their two young children were in the produce aisle when police said a man shot a Calverton Park police officer who was working security at the Walmart Sunday evening. Hill and his family were only 25 feet away from the shooting.

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"It was just horrendous," Hill said. "I turned around and I heard the first shot and I actually seen the officer fall so when I heard the second shot I turned around and everybody had immediately fell on the floor."

Off-duty officer shot suspect 21720

Surveillance image of man wanted in connection with an off-duty officer who was shot on Feb. 16, 2020 at a Ferguson Walmart. 

Police said the officer confronted a shoplifting suspect who then pulled a gun and shot the officer to the arm and torso. 

Hill said he shielded his girls while discussing with other panicked shoppers about what to do next.

"We just thought it would be better to leave out the entrance rather than just wait in the store because we were unaware if the shooter forced his way in or if he was still outside," Hill said.

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He said a group of 15 people ran toward the backdoor and outside to their cars. His biggest fear was the safety of his wife, daughters and unborn child.

"It felt as though the shooter was standing right behind us, they were so loud it echoed throughout the whole [store]" Hill said. "We don't know what the shooter was going through, mentally, emotionally but whatever the shooter was going through, it doesn't justify his actions."

Hill is thanking that officer for putting his life on the line to protect not only his family, but the entire store.

"I must tip my hat to that officer who was just doing his job, doing his duty he was the only one there," Hill said.

The officer is 35-years-old and has two and a half years of service. He was later released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Police said his bulletproof vest saved his life

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