Cruz campaign event much less controversial than Trump’s

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Senator Ted Cruz strolled into the main gymnasium at Parkway West High School in Ballwin Saturday morning and realized he was in semi-familiar territory.

Kind of.

“I got to tell you as a Texan it makes you feel good to be here with the Longhorns. You know how to make a Texan feel welcome,” Cruz said of the Parkway West nickname.

Around 3,000 supporters of Senator Ted Cruz packed into the gym waving signs, wearing stickers and chanting his name. With the Missouri and Illinois primary elections taking place this Tuesday, Cruz is working hard in what he calls a battle ground state.

While Trump’s recent visit to St. Louis resulted in protests and ejections from the Peabody Opera House, Cruz’s was far more tame, but no less enthusiastic.

He made it clear that his competitor for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump, will not be able to defeat Hillary Clinton – his presumptive Democratic nominee – in a general election. Cruz says if there is going to be a conservative in office it has to be him.

Cruz says this upcoming election is coming down to three issues: jobs, security and freedom. He’s already received the endorsement of former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who recently dropped out of the race to support Cruz.

Fiorina took the stage along with Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner to show their support for Senator Cruz. Their constant claims of his hard line conservative values drew loud cheers from the crowd, especially as it related to the protection of the second amendment.

Cruz is currently behind Trump in delegates to receive the Republican nomination. He has stated in the past he will support whoever wins and represents the party in the general election come November.

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