ST. ANN, Mo. ( - COVID-19 has taken a heavy toll on a St. Ann family, killing three family members and sickening five others.

Erin Griffin's great uncles Cornelius and Kenneth, and her mother Venita all passed away after contracting COVID-19.

"It makes you want to say 'Why me?' but then you kind of keep having to have faith in God," Griffin said.

Erin recovered from her own bout with coronavirus in May. Her sister also contracted the virus and was in a coma, but is now improving.

"She's on oxygen. Still, everyday its a struggle for her," Griffin said.

Cases in north St. Louis County, where Griffin lives, are at new highs, but deaths have not peaked as they did the in the spring.

Gateway Funeral and Cremation in downtown St. Louis says it has handled around 80 COVID-19 deaths.

"It has kind of become our new normal," said Star Ellis with Gateway Funeral and Cremation.

Among those deaths is Griffin's great uncle Kenneth. 

Griffin says it is difficult for her when she sees people not taking COVID-19 seriously.

"People get too close at the store and it makes me paranoid almost, and I want to turn around and yell, 'Six feet, where's your mask? This is serious," she said. "Angers me so much, because I want to scream at everybody who doesn't take this seriously. I want to turn around and say, 'My mom is dead, COVID killed my mom."

Griffin says she wants local leaders to keep mask mandates in place.

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